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ESPINDESA participates in the different specialized magazines and annual Conference/Meetings in its fields of activity, by publishing different subjects related to the technologies which are considered of general interest. Below, it is collected a selection of some of these publications:

The Challenge of Modular Design

The challenge of Modular Design for a Nitric Acid and Technical Ammonium Nitrate Project in Australia, due to remote site location in order to reduce construction manpower costs.

Harnessing Power from Plant synergies

The installation of a power generator linked to the Nitric Acid Compressor Train to produce enough energy to operate the ANNA Complex as an island and improvements in Ammonium Nitrate neutralizer reactors.

Highlights in Production Costs of the Dual Process for Nitric Acid

A sound comparison of the unitary consumptions, through a complete year, between the Dual Process for Nitric Acid manufacturing in front of the Mono Pressure Process, in the case of large plants.

ESPINDESA Pipe Reactors, 30 Years Experience in Operation

General overview of the ESPINDESA NPK and DAP Technologies and experiences are presented: reduced recycle ratio with ESPINDESA Pipe Reactor; and granulator without ammonia spargers can be designed even for DAP production.

Nitric Acid Baby Plant

ESPINDESA presented during the ANNA Conference 2016 the challenges of specific problems that took place during the development of the project for a diluted / concentrated a nitric acid plant of very small capacity.

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