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ESPINDESA has acquired and developed “Know-How” and experience for more than 50 years, providing from consultancy services to final innovative and cost effective solutions, in order to provide client with proper technical solutions, according to Client’s needs.

Engineering & Design Services cover, among others, the following activities:

  • Commissioning and Start-up Supervision
  • ESPINDESA provides all services needed from engineering to start up

    As a minimum, our basic engineering packages contain the following:

    ESPINDESA expertise and experience has been adquired over many years of process technology licensing.

    1 Project Design Basis and Process Description
    2 Process and Utility Flow Diagrams with Energy and Material Balance
    3 Equipment List and Equipment Process Data Sheets
    4 Process Instrumentation Philosophy
    5 Plant Layout and Battery Limit Schedule
    6 Piping and Instrument Diagrams
    7 Catalyst, Chemicals and Effluent Plant Data
    8 Hazard Study Data and Area Classification Diagram
    9 Preliminary Process Operating Manual